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Targeted Improvement Programs (TIPs)

When a company has a specific skill or process they know they would like to improve we recommend our Targeted Improvement Program, or TIP.

A TIP is an 8-week program delivered by an experienced coach to about 20 of your people. It's perfect when you already have a good idea of what needs to  be improved and have people willing to learn and ready to make the changes.

1) Week 1 of any TIP begins with a workshop that has been selected and optimized to meet your needs. We identify which workshops best fit your situation and how to tweak them during the initial consultation. Workshop week may deliver either 1 or 2 workshops, spanning 2 or 4 days.

(See workshops below.)

2) Week 2 starts remote, small-group sessions with the coach who facilitated the workshop. The purpose of the group sessions is to answer any questions and advise on any challenges that arise during the application of the workshop material to your real-world context.

Groups are about 5 people and meet towards the end of the even weeks of the program. Group sessions use video conference software like Zoom and follow the Lean Coffee meeting format.

3) Each attendee will additionally be provided with two 45-minute individual remote coaching sessions to be used throughout the program. The purpose of the individual sessions is to be able to privately address the needs people have when applying the course content or making changes.

Custom Fit Workshops

Theory AND Practice

All workshops are two days on site and introduce just enough concept to dive into practical, hands-on activities, letting context oriented questions pull out any other necessary ideas or explanations.

Use Your Context

We facilitate our workshops using your work as the examples. This ensures that activities are relevant to your people and that practices can be applied more quickly.

A Custom Experience

While workshops are standardized to improve consistency, they are also modular so sections can be moved around to provide a customized experience. To further adapt to your needs, all workshops include up to 2 hours of remote consultation prior to delivery.

Below are a few of our more popular workshops:

Product Strategy &
Customer Discovery

Create a customer-centric vision balanced with business objectives and identify major challenges to establish a strategic plan.

Understand who your customers are and identify their unmet needs to deliver value.

Organizing For
Speed To Value

Identify opportunities to improve structures, policies, and roles that increase market value generation and organizational adaptability.

Develop a change management plan to enact improvements while reducing risks and impacts.

Product Roadmapping
& Prioritization

Setup a roadmapping process that optimizes release planning,  feature delivery, and product launch.

Create a prioritization framework with key drivers, cost of delay, and a duration scale.

Leadership Skills

Develop leadership by learning and practicing skills that increase information flow and inclusivity.


Improve innovation and organizational resilience by helping managers be more effective.


Learn and practice product specification techniques that reduce total planning time while decreasing rework and defects.

These practices will also optimize workflow and improve predictability over time.

Metrics That Matter
For Products & Process

Create a balanced system of team health and organizational performance metrics that improve decision making.

Establish product metrics that help you learn more about customers and achieve your product goals.

Structured Coaching

We normally begin coaching engagements only after our Ethnographic Assessment or an Targeted Improvement Program. Coaching engagements are highly structured but non-prescriptive.


What this means is that an experienced consultant works with multiple groups of your people, typically on-site, for a few days every few weeks. An initial coaching topic is chosen via assessment and then groups pivot based on feedback between the group and the consultant. Typical coaching engagements are carried out over 3-6 month increments.


This enables your people to grow their capabilities and encourages your leadership to provide them with the time, support, and resources they need to make improvement.


It also ensures your organization does not become dependent on a consultancy!

The actual amount of on-site time depends greatly on the size and scope of the engagement. We determine this together after an Ethnographic Assessment.

Below is a diagram of high-level consulting topics, and how they are related:


Larger scale consulting engagements are often complex making it difficult to understand where best to start or what results can be expected.

Because of this we start all consulting engagements with an Ethnographic Assessment.

Unlike other styles of assessment, an Ethnographic Assessment engages your people in their context to get results. We bring together a diverse set of roles and skills and work through understanding your organizational systems, goals, and immediate needs. 

We also ensure that the assessment ends with structured, measurable improvement worksheets written by your people in their terms - making them actionable without requiring further consulting to explain or enact change.