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Sharing Our Tools

Facilitation Canvases

A facilitation canvas is a worksheet with a simple structure that helps break down a large or complicated problem into smaller parts to achieve better outcomes.

All of our resources are free to download and use.

Strategy Design

Create a customer-centric strategy balanced against business needs for an organization or product.

Customer Discovery

Create a shared understanding of who your customers are, what they want, and what their unmet needs are.

Prioritization Framework

Create a prioritization framework from weighted key driver, cost of delay, and a cost snapping scale.

Experiment Design

Create a well planned experiment and a well formed hypothesis. Setup and execute more successfully,

Roadmapping Flow

Setup a Flow-based Roadmapping approach to optimize feature delivery for your products and teams.

Incentives Analysis

Understand the intended and unintended impacts of both implicit and explicit incentives.